13 Lenders To Look For Energy Loans

Energy loans in kenya

Energy loans are credit arrangements by lenders and or energy solution companies to offer energy equipments to Kenyans .The energy solutions can be provision of  improvised cooking stoves,biogas,solar lighting systems or connection to electricity lines.

In Kenya, majority of the citizens live in the rural areas where these energy assets are commonly scarce or absolutely absent.As Loans Kenya,we have listed some of the companies that can give energy loans.

See if you can get help from them.

1.) M-Kopa Solar

This is the biggest, trusted and most established solar energy provider everyone is talking about in the whole of East African region.

M-kopa provides solar panels, solar powered lights and television sets and the customer is supposed to pay in small instalments through M-pesa

2.) Equity Bank

The Equity bank provide the following energy credit solutions;

  • Stima  loan- in partnership with Kenya Power and Lighting Corporation (KPLC),the bank gives loans to clients looking for electricity connection.
  • Jikokoa loan- in partnership with Burn Manufacturing, the lender gives loans to enable customers to get the improvised cooking stoves dubbed 'jikokoa'.
  • Hashi Gas Financing- The bank gives loans to enable its clients get Hash Gas cylinders.
  • Chloride Exide Battery - in partnership with Chloride Exude,Equity bank give a credit plan to enable customers to get car batteries.
  • Orb Energy loans- the bank in partnership with Orb Energy enables borrowers to get solar panels and heaters on credit.

3.) Safaricom Okoa Stima

Safaricom in partnership with Kenya Power, the company provide access to electricity (stima) through a credit plan dubbed Okoa Stima.

4.) Zawadisha.

Zawadisha gives out solar lamps and modern cooking stoves on credit.

5.) TakaMoto Boigas.

They provide biogas solutions on credit. Call them on 0738689788.

6.) KWFT.

The Kenya Women Finance Trust MFB provides three energy loan facilities. They include ;Stima Loan,LPG Gas loan and Biogas loan.

7.) Jamii Bora MFB

Jamii Bora MFB provide Stima Loan.

8.) PowerGen Renewable Energy.

This energy company provide solar panels and batteries on credit arrangements.

9.) MicroEnergy credits.

Through the Equity bank,MicroEnergy credits provide solar panels ,water heaters and modern cooking stoves on credit terms.

10.) Eco Zoom.

This energy company provides portable wood burning rocket stoves on credit arrangements.

11,) One Degree Solar.

One Degree Solar provide solar panels on credit terms.Reach them on 0725988021 or send a free SMS to 20181.

12.) Barefoot power.

Barefoot power gives solar kits on credit.

13.) Housing Finance .

Housing finance Corporation (HFC) kenya provide solar heaters on credit .

The list is not exhausted. If we left out any ,give us the name.


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