How to Opt Out Of Fuliza M-pesa - Easy Steps

For any reasons, one might feel the need to opt out and deactivate his or her Fuliza Mpesa account. That is something possible.

But what is Fuliza? This is an overdraft facility given to Safaricom Mpesa customers at a time when a customer has insufficient money in his Mpesa account to complete a certain transaction for example sending money or paying for goods or bills through Lipa Na Mpesa.

Fuliza is being provided to Mpesa customers by Safaricom in partnership with NCBA and KCB banks.

Depending on your credit score and how actively you use Mpesa services, each customer has a loan limit.

How to Opt In Of Fuliza

To use this overdraft service, simply dial *234# from your mobile phone, either smartphone or feature phone and select Fuliza.

After activation, you'll be awarded with a loan limit. The good thing is that  you'll be free to use the overdraft service as many times as possible within 30 days till you deplete you loan limit.

Mpesa customers who have a smartphone can also download Mysafaricom app and active Fuliza from the app.

How to Deactivate Fuliza Account

What exactly can make one opt out of Fuliza? Is it because of high interest rates, short repayment durations or it's just tempting?

Here is how a customer can deactivate a Fuliza account and stop using the overdraft service provided by Safaricom, NCBA Nad KCB banks;
  • Dial *234# from your smartphone or feature phone 
  • Select Fuliza
  • Select Opt Out
That way your account will be deactivated only if you don't have any outstanding loan with Fuliza. 

If you have Mysafaricom app, you can still opt out of Fuliza service from the app; 
  • Login to Mysafaricom app
  • Select Mpesa 
  • Select Fuliza M-Pesa 
  • Select Opt Out
Again, your account will be deactivated only if you don't have any outstanding loan with Fuliza



  1. Can one who has opted out of fuliza get back his limit once he decides to activate it or will he start from nil?


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