What To Do Immediately When Your ATM Card Get Lost

Atm card

My ATM card or my Credit card or my Debit Card got lost, what do I do?This is the question am going to answer today, so keep reading.

The most popular ATM  card companies present in kenya are Visa, Mastercard and American Express. These cards are issued mostly when you open an account with a commercial bank. This means when you loose an ATM card your account is at risk !

Things To Do When ATM card get lost 

But even before your card get lost,immediately issued, never share your password or PIN with anyone.

1.Report the lost card

Now when the unfortunate thing happens and you loose your ATM card, immediately inform your bank.It can be through a call, a short message, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or by visiting any nearest bank branch.

Immediately you report the lost card will be blocked and will be out of use

2.Get a new card

If you're used to shopping using your card, it can cause inconsistencies when lost. The best thing is to go to the bank and get a new card and continue with your life as normal.


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