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How To Contact Okoa Sasa - Salary Advances, USSD Loans and Interest rates

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Okoa sasa loans

Okoa Sasa is a mobile lending platform that provides fast loans via a USSD code to employees as Salary advances.

The main target customers for Okoa Sasa loans are Teacher Service Commission (TSC) employees especially teachers.

The loans are accessible via *884# then proceed by following the prompts. Youll get to know the Okoa sasa interest  rates before during the application process.

Teachers or TSC employees can apply for okoa sasa Salary advance as follows;

  • Dial *884#
  • Select 'TSC Employees '
  • Provide your TSC number 
  • Specify the duration for the loan
  • Then submit the application 
Okoa sasa loans however are also available to other salaried employees in Kenya. You can as well check if you qualify for loans by dialling *884# and then select 'other' .

Non TSC employees will have to provide information about their employers and if approved loans will be disbursed shortly. 

How to Contact Okoa Sasa Customer Care 

It is normal while using or even before using Okoa Sasa service, an individual might have questions to be answered. 

Some people want to know about the interest rates, how to repay, why loan application was declined and so forth. 

In this regard, Okoa Sasa can be reached via Liberty Afrika Technologies a partner in this service. 

Liberty Afrika Technologies numbers that you can call for help include; 
  • Mobile phone number; 0720 720720
  • Landline Number 020 4442774/5

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