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Why KashWay will Disapprove Your Loan Request

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KashWay loan app will sometimes disapprove your loan requests but why? There reasons that I thought you should know.

The micro digital lender is one of the many new but popular loan apps operating in Kenya.

KashWay provides a maximum of ksh 50,000 instant loan through  Mpesa to the most qualified customers.

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But why will KashWay app deny a borrower a loan? Through a social media post and in response to an affected customer message, KashWay revealed the reasons why some loan requests get disapproved.

Here is the message;

Hello, how come i have repaid my loan though i was late for 5days yet am not approved for another loan? my account 0729497×××

Hi  Gibson.

Thank you for reaching out to us.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
The following are some of the reasons your loan might be rejected;
▪︎ Insufficient information provided, 
▪︎Record from credit reference bureau(CRB), 
▪︎Having an outstanding loan elsewhere.

We advise you to meet our minimal loan requirements and try again later as advised.
please keep safe and practice self quarantine measures.

Thank you for choosing kashway

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