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KashWay App - How to Download, Apply for Loans ,Repay via Paybill,Phone Numbers

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KashWay loan app

KashWay owned by Wakanda Credit Limited is a mobile loan app making it possible for borrowers to ask for credit instantly through mpesa.

KashWay Loans

KashWay gives loans from kes500 as the minimum loan amount to kes50000 as the maximum loan amount a client can borrow.

To get loans, one must be 18years and above with a six months active mpesa account.

To get started download KashWay app from play store, create your profile ,get a loan limit then apply.

KashWay Loan Repayment 

The lender will give borrowers 3 months and up to 6 months as the duration of repayment of loans depending on the amount taken.
KashWay Paybill number is 900068. Your account number is your phone number.

KashWay Contacts 

If you have issues, kindly check KashWay (Wakand Credit LTD ) helpdesk on ;

KashWay Facebook Page


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  1. I just got an email stating that my loan has been approved and yet I did not apply for any loan!
    I have been searching for your office contacts n I got none!! Stop playing games on people

  2. I just got a text msg that my loan application of 2,500 has been approved yet I have not applied for any loan from the so called kashway, I will report you to the DCI you are fraudsters, I don't need any loan!!!

  3. Me too! Not sure how these folks are collecting client data but they need to be called out

      I have not applied for any loan.
      we need to report them.

  4. I just got a text that Edwin has applied Allan of 2500 and am a guranter I have no idea who the hell Edwin not responsible plz

  5. Have a loan that have never defaultedone with you guys.
    I get a call to remind me of my date due ,but instead the agent demands that l clear the loan in a certain time or else they will call my references.
    I always know with loan's you have until midnight to default.
    The agent was rude and hang up by telling me JUST PAY.

  6. Kashway indictates on their FAQ loan offer Clause number 4. Interest rate is 15% but they charge 25% which is deducted from the principal amount as interest? These people are thieves and should be reported to DCI.

  7. Would you plz cancel my application which I entered by mistake. Thank you.

  8. Kashway is the worst mobile app one can ask a loan from...after you give them access to your phone and you make a mistake of delaying payment they call every and each person on your contact list demanding them to pay even if that person is not on the refferee list...they think this is the best strategy but they are ruining themselves and they should be called off

  9. How can an agent abuse a client ,,,,,I fail to nderstand this and mark you know this is not the way people do business

  10. Yesterday you send me a SMS claiming that I have to pay 14270. It's for what. The last loan I take I pay very long time ago. Please you should know that. Sina Deni na nyinyi

  11. Enter your comment...this loan is good am applying for few minutes na ikatumwa

  12. This the worst people to do business with within the globe.they force you to give exact time when to repay the money back as if you just bed and wake up with money just like that.