How To Shame Bad Loan Apps

Loans apps
Some Loan Apps in Kenya 

There are so many apps out there claiming to be providing loans but not all of them are genuine.

There have been an increase in the number of scam cases arising from the use of some of the apps.

Some loan apps are only made with the intention  to collect registration fees from innocent borrowers. Others are just for collecting the borrowers information and sale to third parties.

But how can one report or just shame such apps? Most of the apps are hosted on Google play store and a few on Appstore. You can go ahead and while on those stores;

  1. Report the apps to Google 
  2. Leave a critical comment. This will help others know how bad that app is.
In Kenya, there's a Digital Lenders Body known as the Digital Lenders Association of Kenya (DLAK). This body regulates member loan apps but also shame non member loan apps doing harm to the borrowers. 

DLAK provided and only platform where you can report such bad digital lenders from the DLAK Website by submitting a complaint and select the specific apps in question. 

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