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Pesa Pata - How To Apply For Loans, Repay Via M-Pesa Paybill, Pesa Pata Contacts

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Pesa pata mobile loans kenya
Pesa pata 
Pesa pata used to be a credit facility provided by the then Paddy Micro Investment. Other loan products included mobikopa(preceded pesa pata) and Maisha loans for businesses enterprises to finance expansion activities.

 Years later since 2013,Pesa pata formerly mobikopa became the most selling credit product.

Paddy Micro Secretly became Pesa pata.

Early last year,Paddy secretly closed the other loan products and started concentrating on Pesa Pata.Today,Pesa Pata is a widely used mobile money borrowing channel in kenya.Just like mobile loan apps,loans applied through Pesa pata are received in the form of M-pesa.

How to borrow from pesa pata.

Pesa Pata clients must register their safaricom SIM cards by dialing the USSD code *269# and follow the next steps.There is a registration fee of ksh100 to be paid via pay bill number 519606 .Loans range from ksh2000 to ksh20000 payable in a duration of between one week and one month and at an interest rate ranging between 12% and 20%.Check out the steps to borrow from the micro lender;

Pesa pata mobile loans kenya
Pesa pata borrowing steps

Contact pesa pata.

Call;0707 000 222

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