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Insurance Companies urged to cover COVID-19 patients

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The Ministry of Health in Kenya urged health insurance companies to consider covering COVID-19 patients in a move to help the government in fighting the virus.

Although its against the laws of insurance to cover pandemics, the ministry insisted there's need to help as the pandemic still bites.

In mid July, Health CAS, Rashid Aman was in a position to win NHIF in covering COVID-19 patients to be treated at government health facilities.

"I think it's not only NHIF, the entire insurance industry is in a situation where they have to look and review their policies because Coronavirus was not there before when the inclusions and exclusions were set.

Some of the facilities selected in Nairobi include;

  • Kenyatta National Hospital 
  • Kenyatta University Referral Hospital 
  • Mbagathi Hospital 
For those outside Nairobi, the government facilities around those places can serve NHIF members who have contracted Coronavirus. 

"The health and wellness of our members, is of utmost importance to us, and in support to the government's efforts in mitigating and containing the spread of Covid-19, we shall support all Covid-19 positive members and their declared beneficiaries who get admitted to the Ministry of Health designated facilities," read the statement in part.

NHIF active members and their registered beneficiaries are now assured of medical funding when they'll contract the virus and will be treated at government health facilities. 

Those who will visit private hospitals will not be considered to benefit from this and will cater for their own medical charges.


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