CBK Should Come Clear On CRB Defaulter Delisting

CBK Governor Dr. Patrick Njoroge
CBK Governor Dr Patrick Njoroge 

Central Bank last month asked for the delisting of Kenyans who were blacklisted with loans under ksh1000 immediately.

Most Kenyans were happy about the announcement. It was to benefit over 1 million people who were blacklisted with the CRB because they never managed to repay their loans.

But there's one thing which is not clear. Before one is removed from the CRB,there's a fee of ksh 2200 to be paid. The CRB is a business just like any other business looking to make profits, pay employees and offer better and convenient services.

The question is ,who is going to pay the fees for the over 1 million defaulters that need to be delisted from the CRB blacklist?

CBK needs to be clear on this. If its going to pay on behalf of the defaulters, we need to know.

Things on the ground are different. The CRB seems like it's not delisting anyone soon.

Digital lenders seem to top the list of lenders who submitted borrowers for blacklisting with less than ksh 1000 loans.

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