Safaricom Set To Launch Mali

Safaricom Mali

Safaricom have been for months testing Mali among its employees ,an investment product that will enable customers to earn money daily.

Mali means wealth in Swahili, therefore the telecommunications company is after creating wealth for its subscribers.

The product is now awaiting approval from the regulator , Capital Markets Authority (CMA) before it's on and available for use to the public.

How To Join Safaricom Mali 

You must have been an M-Pesa customer for the last three (3) months.
Must not have renewed your Safaricom line within the last 3 days
Must be in a position to deposit between ksh 100 and ksh 70000 into Mali.

Steps To Join Mali

Dial *230# and follow the prompts. You will have to enter your mpesa PIN, agree to the terms and conditions then provide your email address.

How To Top Up Mali

You can dial *230# and again follow the prompts or use a Paybill number, yet to be disclosed after regulator approval.

Funds in Mali will earn 10 percent per annum up to ksh 70000 and will be paid daily.

There will be no charges on transactions made between mpesa and Mali.


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