Saturday, May 30, 2020

Bad news to Opesa Defaulters ,Your Details are with Debt Collection Agents

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If you never repaid your Opesa loan within the agreed duration ,you're a defaulters and your name is with the debt collection agents.

Opesa announced this on social media by encouraging defaulters not to panic and never ignore calls from the collection agents.

Maybe the Opesa debt collectors are different. The ones we are used to from most of the lenders are going to definitely frustrate and threaten you as a defaulters without listening to your story.

Here is the message from Opesa On Social media;

Loan repayment made easier. Do not hesitate to pick that call when our Agents call you .. today!
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I believe the Opesa agents are extremely polite to an extent where but they are open to loan restructuring as well especially during this hard times caused by Coronavirus pandemic.


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