Shocking Reason Why You Should Not Go To Bank

KCB - One of The Licensed Commercial Banks In Kenya 

Today all commercial banks have a mobile banking app ,USSD code or an ATM lobby available for use to customers .The question is are you using these ways as a customer?

A survey done by FSD Kenya in 2018 shows that doing transactions in a bank hall is much expensive and that's what I thought you should know.

Let's say for  example a kes5000 transaction done through an agent will cost kes62, done through an ATM (within network) will cost kes42, done through ATM (outside network) will cost kes300 ,done through a mobile banking app will cost kes90 but when done through the bank branch (over the counter) it will cost kes1056.
Kenyan mobile banking apps are cheap

Therefore unless it's a must for you to go to a banking hall, always use the alternative ways to do transactions because it's much cheaper.

This is a cost of banking 2018 report released December 2019 by FSD Kenya


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