HF Whizz Launches WhatsApp Banking

HF Whizz WhatsApp Banking Launch

Welcome to HF Whizz WhatsApp Banking,  a new and first of its kind digital way of accessing banking services in the whole of East African region.

Instead of chatting casually with friends and family over the WhatsApp messenger app, as a Whizz customer you'll now be able to chat with your bank!

As a customer to the lender myself, I got a welcome message which I'll show below;

Welcome to HF Whizz WhatsApp Banking! To get started, save the number +254719597315, open a chat and type SETUP. Enjoy your banking on WhatsApp! Query? Txt 21938

How to Get Started with HF WhatsApp Banking 

  • Download WhatsApp messenger app (for those who don't have the app installed already)
  • Save number +254 719 597 315 in your contacts 
  • Now open a chat and type SETUP 
  • Send and wait for a connection reply from Whizz.
With the whizz number in your WhatsApp contacts, you'll be able to ask for most of the banking services through WhatsApp. 


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