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Jazika Loan App - How To Download and Apply for Loans,Repay via Mpesa Paybill, Contacts

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Jazika loan app in Kenya

Jazika loan app under Jazika Ventures is another among  the long list of mobile loan apps in Kenya.

The app can lend up to ksh100000 to a qualified borrower in just minutes.The money is then disbursed to the borrower's Mpesa account for use.

I have  tried Jazika app myself but I was not lucky to get a loan. I already tested Utunzi loan app and it's like Jazika,Utunzi and even Craft loan apps are related.I even received an automatic verification from Utunzi to access Jazika app.

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If you need to give Jazika loan app a try, follow the steps below;

Getting Started with Jazika loan app 

Youraccount is now active and verified.

How to apply for a loan from Jazika 

  • Login the app
  • Select Apply loan
  • Enter amount to borrow (shouldn't exceed your loan limit)
  • Select the repayment duration 
  • Complete the application 
If approved, you'll get the money into your Mpesa account within minutes. 

How to repay a loan from Jazika

You will use Jazika Paybill number  687035 (registered as Jazika Ventures). Input your phone number as the Account number.

  • Go to Mpesa 
  • Select Lipa na Mpesa 
  • Paybill 
  • Enter business number 687035 (this is Jazika Paybill number)
  • Account number (here input your phone number)
  • Amount ( write the loan amount to repay)
  • Enter Mpesa PIN and confirm 
  • Send 
Refresh the app to see your updated Jazika account. 

How to Contact Jazika Customer care 

  • Call; 0705099014
  • Email to;
  • In app Message feature 


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