CBK seeks Take On Cyber Security Guidance Draft

CBK draft guidance note for cyber risk

The bank's national regulator ,CBK, released Tuesday, a Guidance Draft Note on requirements for lenders in combating cyber crime and seeks comments from the public.

As banks leverage on technology in delivering banking services conveniently to consumers,cyber security measures comes handy to help prevent cases of cyber threats which are too common globally.

CBK which is mandated by the law to ensure favourable conditions in the financial sector in Kenya,has come up with a Guidance Note in the form of a Draft which outlines the rules,requirements and obligations for institutions participating in embracing fintech.

Banks Obligations.

Among other many obligations the banks should do the following in brief;

  • Come up with their own cyber security measures to be approved by the CBK
  • Employ Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
  • Report any signs or instances of cyber crime to the CBK

Comments should be submitted before 4th July 2017 through the following email address;


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