How To Quickly Unblock Tala Account


If you blocked your Tala account, you probably need to unblock it.I think its because you entered the wrong PIN several times.Don't worry,you are not alone.Many Tala loan app users have reached out to me (Mwabaya) asking for help through my phone number 0790503920 or through my email address . You can join them too.

In end January 2017,I was helping one Mr Omamo who sent loan repayment amount to a wrong account number and he didn't have a Facebook account!I wrote an FB message to Tala on his behalf and he got everything solved.I have done this for so many Tala users by the way.

While communicating with Tala Kenya on behalf of Omamo,I received an automatic message from Tala which made me remember something;

Hi Loans, thanks for contacting us. One of our loan officers will reply within 24 hours. Forgot your PIN? Upload a selfie with your National ID next to your face to get a temporary login PIN. This will help us help you faster!
Sometimes last year (2016),some Kenyans were calling me asking about Tala and the selfie thing which I never considered serious.

Yesterday,I was also helping another Tala user,Bibian through my email address. Tala support sent an email with the selfie thing again in it;

Kindly send a photo of your National ID card on both sides front and back
as an attachment on our In App chat or on Facebook at and send us your face book name here in
order for us to trace your message and assist you unblock your account.


Now I new its true and its that's when I came up with an elaborate process about unblocking Tala accounts with selfies.
Tala how to unblock account with a selfie

Preparing Selfies

There are three photos to take; Front of ID photo,back of ID photo and your face photo.

  1. Place your ID on a flat surface with an opaque or dark background- the place should be well light up.
  2. Take a close up photo of the front part of the ID.
  3. Turn it to show the back face of the ID and take another photo.
  4. Now take a close up photo of your face - preferably stand close to a wall.

Submitting Selfies

Those Selfies must reach Tala for the appropriate steps to commence. You can read how to contact Tala.

  • I f you want to send them to Tala on Facebook, then go to and write the account unblocking request, including your Facebook name and Tala account number(your phone number).Attach the three photos and send.
  • If you want to send the Selfies through email to Tala ,then write the unblocking request and tala account number.Attach the three Selfies and send to
  • If you wish to use twitter to request unblocking your Tala account, send a direct message(DM) with the three Selfies as attachments to 
Note that you can't use the in-app chat to ask for unblocking your Tala loan app because before you are able to do anything, your must log in.

Why Tala Asks For Selfies.

Its for account security purposes.Selfies reveal the true owner of the account.Next time you block your Tala app,a selfie will make Tala attendants to quickly unblock your account without asking too many security questions.

Am glad you are updated. 

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