What Is Safaricom Mpesa Mfuko Wa Biashara - Joining, Rates And Charges, Advantages

Safaricom Mfuko wa Biashara account

Mfuko wa Biashara is Safaricom's newest Mpesa product that everyone is taking about right now.

So, what is Mfuko Wa Biashara?

This is like a sub-account within your Mpesa account that enables a customer to keep money separately from the general Mpesa wallet.

'Mfuko wa Biashara' is a swahili phrase meaning a business wallet or account. For this reason, Safaricom's target for this product were individuals doing small businesses who needed a separate Mpesa account simpler than a Till or Paybill number.

How To Join and Use Mfuko Wa Biashara

Anyone with an active Mpesa account can join through the newly launched aggregated Mpesa platform accessible via USSD code *334#

Steps to join Mfuko Wa Biashara
  • Dial *334#
  • Select Mfuko wa Biashara 
  • Select Join
  • Select Opt In
  • Accept Terms
  • Select Business Category
  • Enter Business Name 
  • Submit 
You'll receive a confirmation message that you have successfully created your account. That way you'll have created a Mfuko wa Biashara Mpesa account within your main Mpesa wallet. 

How To Use Mfuko wa Biashara Account 

After creating your account, now you can start accepting payments from customers directly to your Mfuko wa Biashara account. 

Here is the procedure; 
  • Ask Customers to dial *334#
  • Select Lipa Na Mpesa 
  • Select business owner's Mpesa number 
  • And pay 

How to Check Mfuko Wa Biashara account balance 

  • Open SIM Tookit
  • Go to Mpesa 
  • Select Account 
  • Select Balance 
The message for the normal Mpesa balance will include also the Business Account (Mfuko wa Biashara) balance.

How to Access Mfuko Wa Biashara Funds 

  • Dial *334#
  • Select My Business 
  • Select the option you need to do with the money in your money 

Advantages of Having Mfuko wa Biashara Account 

  1. It helps in planning for your business funds separately from your personal funds
  2. Customers cannot do M-Pesa reversals after paying to your account. You're in control. 
  3. Only personal Mpesa rates and charges apply 


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