Tala, Branch Loan Apps Yet To Serve over Windows Phones

Tala, Branch

In Kenya,for the last two years,loan apps namely Tala formerly Mkopo Rahisi, Branch and Saida  have been trending as the fastest and easiest sources of credit to both individuals and businesses.

Smart phone users in Kenya have been downloading the apps and installing them in their Android system backed devices before proceeding to apply for loans right away which have benefitted majority in elevating their lifestyles and businesses.However,did you know that a certain segment of smartphone users have been locked out until now?

I have been receiving calls,SMS and even comments on my Loans Kenya blog from Nokia and Microsoft windows phone users on where and how they can get Tala,Branch or Saida apps for their Lumia gadgets.As usual, on Tuesday November 21st,we confirmed what's happening from the concerned remote financial services providers.

Reply from Tala
Hi Loans,
Please note that you can only access Tala using an android phone.
Best Wishes,

Reply from Branch
Hi Katana, thank you for your interest in Branch. At the moment, you can only access Branch via an Android phone with an O.S version 4.0 and above. We are working to integrate the app to other mobile platforms as time goes by. Thank you for your patience as we continue to develop our product. -RM
Can I Install a Loan App on Windows Phone. 
From the above replies from Tala and Branch, it became clear that Nokia, Microsoft windows phone users will have to wait till their versions of loans apps are developed.

Tip;Windows phone users should be searching for the loan apps frequently from the windows phone app store to check if the apps are developed in the future.


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