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After Women's Day last week on March 8, we remember to highlight some of the financial institutions in kenya that specifically lends to the Kenyan woman.Women entrepreneurs and those aspiring to be established, independent businesswomen in future needs special loan enterprises that can handle them with care.Women are delicate! Let us then look at some of the institutions that finance exclusively women.

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Women Enterprise Fund -WEF

For more than four years, the Women Enterprise Fund have been one of the forefront women loan giver.WEF is a partially government owned agency in the Ministry of Devolution and Planning. Both individual and women in registered groups can borrow loans at highly subsidized interest rates. According to the new constitution, the WEF services are accessed through the office of the area MP.In a bid to increase its loan facilitation, WEF partnered with competitively chosen financial institutions including Taifa Sacco, BIMAS, Cooperative bank,K-repbank, Jitegemee sacco,Family bank, Kenya Industrial Estates, Wakenya Pamoja Sacco, SMEP among others. The amount of credit that one group or individual can ask for should range within ksh1000 to ksh500000. Anything above ksh500000 needs special arrangements.
Up to the end of the year 2015,WEF had benefited over 1million Kenyan women after disbursing over ksh7.5billion.

Kenya Women Finance Trust - KWFT

As the name suggests, its exclusively meant for women. Kwft started some yeara back as a Sacco where women pooled their savings and got access to loans.It formed groups where members could easily get guarantors when asking for a credit facility from the institution.Today in 2016,Kwft is an established women- only bank accepting deposits from non members and also providing other banking services for example over the counter withdrawal, ATMs and Mobile banking. Women here borrow loans individual or as group.The amount borrowed can exceed ksh1million depending on the ability to repay.If you are not a member but save money with kwft, you can still borrow under same terms as found in all Kenyan commercial banks.There are several loan facilities to cater for various needs ranging from household items, mortgages, Asset financing, school fees loans to business loans.


This is an initiative based in the US but meant to be consumed by Kenyan women. Funds are sourced from donations to Zawadisha organization and then disbursed to kenya women in the rural and remote areas considered to be extremely poor.Disbursements are not made in terms of cash though but in terms of necessity goods including solar lamps, improvised cooking stoves and modern water tanks.
How to benefit from zawadisha?The organization sends community coordinators to kenyan rural areas where they meet women in groups. Women members of those groups then apply for the item loans if interested. Repayment is then done through the group on every meeting.
If you need to talk to a community coordinator,call 0731424930 to ask for any assistance for example confirming if your area has a community cordinator.

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