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Smartcash Ltd

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Smartcash limited is a non deposit taking micro credit financial provider in kenya offering short term credit solutions to borrowers, both individuals and business entities.

Smartcash lenders provide the following loans;
Business loans -targeting already running business entities that wish to expand its services or goods.
Salary advance - Salaried individuals can ask for a salary advance from smartcash Ltd.
Bonga points secured loans - With safaricom bonga points, an individual can borrow a loan. The bonga points will then serve as security against the amount of money borrowed.
NSE shares secured loans - These are loans give out against Nairobi Stock Exchange shares that an individual or a business entity possesses.

Call +254733459850
Or visit Smartcash Ltd Offices in Thika at;
Clairburne Towers
3rd floor
Next to Safaricom
Opposite Aliza Plaza.

Mwabaya Katana

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