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Shield Finance - Payday Lending

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Shield finance Ltd is a credit micro lender with a strong bias in Payday lending. Shield is the finance institution giving out salary advances only as the only service.

Who can get a salary advance
Shield gives payday loans to full time permanent employees of companies they have partnership with.All companies from all sectors of the economy and based in kenya are eligible for a partnership.There's no minimum value that one can apply for.Its fast to apply and get a reply within less than five minutes.

Getting started
Confirm with your employer if they have a partnership with shield.
Get registered.
Now you can choose to apply for the salary advance via USSD or online on mobile or computer (Shield finance ).The website is still in beta.
After you apply the system will tell you how much salary advance you are approved for.
That's all.

Mwabaya Katana

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