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Speed Capital limited is a microfinance lender registered in kenya aiming to be the best partner to small and medium size enterprises.

Loan Products
Biashara plus loan
This is a loan of 5,000 Ksh to 50,000Ksh targeted to startups and small businesses that do not have collateral other than stock and household items. It’s a product tailored to operate like an overdraft facility, where one repays within one month.

Loan features
* Loan Size: Ksh 5,000 to Ksh 50,000ksh
* Repayment period of one month
* Loan processed within 24hrs
* Disbursement done via Mpesa.
Super biashara loan
This is a product offered to existing clients on biashara plus loans after successful completing their 3rd cycle. It’s a loan targeted to grow our clients while rewarding them for their loyalty.
Loan features
* Loan size of Ksh 50,000 to Ksh100,000
* Repayment period 3 months
* Loans processed within 24hrs.
Secured loan
This is a product targeted to business people who face temporary cash flow constraints and they have the conventional securities to secure their facility.
Loan features
* Loan size from Ksh 50,000 to ksh1,000,000
* Interest rate on reducing balance
* Loan processed within 48 hrs
* Repayment period up to 3months
Speed Asset Financing
This is a product designed to assist our clients acquire assets without paying the full amount. The asset value margin remains as per the policy. The acceptable assets are Motor vehicles and business machineries.
Loan features
* Loan Amount 50% the value of the asset
* Valuation and joint registration to be done for the vehicle
* Repayment period up to 12 months
Employee Scheme loan
The employee scheme loan is a financial product that Speed Capital offers to salaried workers or employees in offices schools,hospitals ,ministries ,manufacturing and industrial houses as well as any well established employer that has a workforce of minimum 5 employees and are in need for a financial services. They are two categories in this segment:
Project Kidogo- A loan facility for up to 6 months.
Salary Advance- a one month loan facility.
Speed bid bonds
It is common in business practice when tendering for large capital projects for the tenderer to be supported by a Bid Bond. The Bid Bond is an indication of the applicant company's ability to carry out the work being tendered for. Speed Capital’s Bid Bond Product helps customers who participate in tenders capture the contracts they desire.Speed Capital Limited offers speedy and cash-free bid bonds at good rates and flexible terms from reputable and authorized financial institutions.Get your bid bonds within one hour of application compliance!
Speed Import Finance
The selection of trade finance products and services has important consequences. The right financing arrangement and the right terms can mean the difference between profit and loss on each transaction. Speed Capital Limited's mission is to provide trade finance services and to assist in the selection of the optimal financial solution. We provide a product tailored for clients who have imported vehicles and don’t have the money to pay for duty and other port charges. At Speed Capital Limited we will help you pay all these so that you do not incur extra charges on storage at very friendly terms.
Speed Project financing
This is a product to assist in the clients with a definite pay-back period, which is usually more than conventional 30Days, and expecting some bullet payments e.g LPOfinancing, schools among others.
Loan features
Loan period up to 6 months.
Branches< /b>
Head Office
Kimathi House,
Kimathi Street,
8th floor
P.O Box 100463-00101
Tel: +254714505414
Email: info@speedcapital.co.ke,

Nairobi Branch
Kimathi House,
Kimathi Street,
5th floor
Tel: 0715160823
Email :nairobi@speedcapital.co.ke

Gikomba Branch
Nacico plaza
5th Floor
Suite no.511
Tel: 0715160760
Email: gikomba@speedcapital.co.ke

Embakasi Branch
Winstonia Business Centre,
1st Floor
Tel: 0715160783
Email: embakasi@speedcapital.co.ke

Rongai Branch
Brisma plaza
4th floor suite no. 301
Tel: 0715160786
Email: rongai@speedcapital.co.ke

Kitengela Branch
Red Heron Building,
1st floor

Thika branch
Kigio plaza,
2nd floor suite no. K2.35
Tel: 0715160762
Email: thika@speedcapital.com

Naivasha Branch
Lancaster Plaza,
2nd floor
Email: naivasha@speedcapital.co.ke

Kawangware Branch
Mbugua Plaza 2nd Flr


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