Kopa Loan Na Bonga Points

Unlike airtel zawadi points which can easily be converted to airtel money over the mobile phone, Safaricom bonga points can never be redeemed as mpesa.Luckily 'Kopa Loan Na Bonga Points' came to everybody's rescue!

Now, if you didn't know, Kopa Loan Na Bonga Points a fast growing micro lender can give out loans against your bonga points as security.
kopa loan na bonga points
The higher the number of bonga points, the higher the loan amount one can borrow. Tip:You can convince your relatives or friends to 'sambaza points' to you which enable your loan amount to be borrowed raised. But before that, check how it works.
How it works
It's simply. You send your bonga points and receive the loan as mpesa.After repaying the loan amount plus the interest, you get your bonga points back. And you can now borrow again!
Loan features
Loans are available to safaricom subscribers only.
Bonga points will be used as security against the loan borrowed.
The loan amount is calculated as number of bonga points divided by 10.
Interest rate is 30% per month.
OTHER SERVICE;You can choose to sell your bonga points at ksh0.1 per bonga point to Kopa Loan na Bonga Points .

Loan calculations
For an individual with 10000 bonga points, the maximum amount of loan he/she can borrow is ksh1000 (achieved after dividing 10000 bonga points by 10).
The amount to be repaid will be ksh1300 (arrived at after adding 30% of ksh1000 i,e ksh300 to ksh1000)
For an individual selling bonga points, 10000 bonga points will earn him/her ksh1000 (the product of 10000 and 0.1)
Please call 0724025633 to begin the application process.

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