Switching to digital tv? Pata digital loan a Startimes financing from Equity Bank

The era of blurred images is gone.Still stuck there? Your collegues can't lend you cash? Dont worry.The equity bank is giving you an opportunity through kind of a loan in partnership with a Chinese telecommunications company, Startimes.See also DStv and GOtv financing.Through a campaign dubbed 'Pata digital' the startimes digital box financing is for all Kenyans with tv sets wishing to view crystal clear images from multiple channels of choice.Oh no! Its almost becoming a law here in kenya that analog TV viewing be switched off indefinetly.Therefore,you need this.
Am sure you want to apply for this loan.Okay.Let me take you through the process but before that I will outline the general requirements below.
.You must be an account holder with Equity bank.This will help the lending managers to evaluate your capabilities of repaying the loan.
.Credibility is key.Past loans borrowed,bankruptcy and other issues can affect your chances of getting the loan.
.Salaried clients have high chances of being approved.
Now let me go back to the process of applying for startimes financing;
.First visit any Equity Bank branch near you.
.Ask for startimes financing forms or simple Pata Digital forms.
.Fill the forms and hand them over to the lending manager for credit processing. The maximum loan amount is ksh5000 which should make you able to purchase a Free to Air Startimes Digital box.
.The last step is the bank's final decision.If approved,you will be given a collection note to get the decoder from any nearest startimes dealer.     
Interested? Apply now.Any personal query? Send me back to the bank to collect more information for you by commenting with your personal question below.
Wish you good luck as you apply for the pata digital loan.        

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