Professional foreigners in Kenya seeking lenders' services can get an expatriate loan from Barclay's Bank of Kenya

Loans are helpful to everyone.Some banks and other lending institutions fear offering loans to foreigners to finance their personal or business activities. The good news now is that Barclay's Bank of Kenya put this into consideration and came up with an Expatriate Loan to cater for all professional foreigners legally working in Kenya in need of loans.See also Barclayloan a personal loan for Kenyans.
The expatriate loan is a lending package designed for foreign nationals who are holding professional qualifications,residing and working in kenya for a reputable legally registered company for a reasonably period of time.There are no country specific restrictions at the moment.
Lets see what the general requirements for every borrower here are:
.Borrower must posses a valid work permit to legally work in Kenya.
.The applicant must have a valid contract with a reputable company operating in Kenya.A reputable company can be any with a good credit record,good human resource management history and other factors worthy considered.
.All loan applicants must be active and current account holders with Barclay's Bank.
.The foreigner must be earning a minimum income of ksh200000 in salary per month.
.The foreign nationals must be residing in Kenya and in a position to provide bank statements from their countries of origin.
If you fulfill the above requirements,then prepare to apply for the expatriate loan today.
Finally lets now have a look at the benefits and features of this loan package:
.The loan amount that one can borrow ranges from ksh50000 to ksh4million.
.There is no need of providing any security against this loan.
.There is easy approval and quick access to your money.
.Each approved loan comes with a free credit life insurance to cover loanees in case of death or total disability.
.The loan interest rate is 17.9%pa and its repayable within 12months to 72months.
Interested?Apply now.Send me back to the bank to enquire for more on your behalf by commenting with your personal question below.
Wish you success as you apply for your expatriate loan.    

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