Finance the expansion of your small or medium sized business with a SME business loan from Equity Bank

You probably have a business and wish to expand it but dont have the financial means.One lender,Equity Bank is offering Small and Medium Sized Entrepreneurs loans to finance the expansion of your business.
Am pretty sure that majority would want to know the type of business a client must have to qualify.Dont worry because I'll come to that but for now, its the 'status' of your business.By 'status' I mean is your business legally registered as a legal entity and not bankrupt or it is? Remember lending companies are very strict on legality and bankruptcy of enterprises to avoid losses on thier side when loan defaulting comes in.
Now lets look at the kind of businesses that qualify. SME owners dealing in any normal businesses such as transport,trade and commerce, health,education and more. This will mean Matatu owners,school owners,shops and hardware owners,real estate company owners,hospital and pharmacy stall owners and others qualify.
Upto now, you must have noticed that, this loan facility caters for SME to finance the expansion of their businesses or simply acquire more assets.Therefore,its not for starters!
.Small an Medium sized Entreprenuers with ownership documents.
.Both Equity Bank customers and non customers can apply.
.All the loanees will have a flexible repayment period of upto 60 months .
.Loan applicants can ask for a minimum of ksh 1Million and a maximum of ksh 50Million.
.Only Limited Companies must provide a list of guarantors.There is no need of guarantors other companies.
Interested? Visit ay nearest equity bank branch in Kenya an apply today.
Need more information? Send me back to the bank by commenting below with your question.

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