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Personal loans for salaried individuals from Cooperative Bank of Kenya

The Kenyan middle class rely heavily on banks and other financial institutions for loans or lending services in order to keep up with the ever changing today's modern lifestyles. Its like you want to buy this or that,a smart TV set,MacBook, start an internet cafe,a brand new prado,I mean you're not specific.You can't apply for a mortgage or car finance loan. The best option finally becomes a personal loan for its a general one.
Ofcourse if you are middle class,you're probably employed. Luckily,the Cooperative Bank of Kenya offers a personal loan for you.
This loan facility is meant for salared individuals in the government/public  sector with salaries processed from the Cooperative Bank of Kenya.Furthermore,the client must have been running an active account for more than 6 months from this bank.
The Coop Bank allows loan applicants to borrow upto a total of ksh4million.
The repayment period will be spread over a period of upto 60 months for clients with loans of above one hundred thousand kenya shillings.
Convinced? If not, you can contact the Cooperative Bank of Kenya Headquarters at ; for more.      

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