Are you able to finance the realisation of your business idea?Grofin Venture capitalist can help in addition to the other lenders in the market.

The biggest challenge to becoming an entreprenuer is 'finance' but not expertise anymore in Kenya.Yes and this is due to increased access to education.Money is with few in Kenya.I know there are banks, saccos and even shylocks playing as financiers in this nation but their demands bar off a lot of people with big business ideas whenever collateral is mentioned.
Luckily, venture capitalists came to rescue the multitudes. Venture capitalists give both financial and expertise help whenever needed.Thanks to De Silva Group and Grofin ,the two most popular venture capitalists helping African big business ideas realised.Let me talk to Kenyans about Grofins.
Have you heard or seen this formular; Finance+Expertise=Sucess ? This is the easy calculation you can do when you join Grofin.This financier can pick a business from any stage including when its still an idea.I will keep other details aside but I will focus on how Grofin can pick you from the ground financially just with your idea to a successful entreprenuer.
Ready? Go!
First come up with a viable business idea,take some market research and identify all that's needed for the business to be a success. Remember Grofin takes risks and will only approve viable ideas.Talking about risking ,Grofin might ask for some collateral though not always. You must be willing to provide that collateral to show them confidence in the high probability of your business to turn into reality.
Though there are limitations to the kind of business that do qualify for financing,the case is obvious that you wont be starting up a community centre or a funding organization if you really wanted to be picked up from the ground.The idea must therefore be to generate substantial profits.
Grofin doesn't need you full expertise in this idea.Their team of experts does alot.The financial aid can be for anything concerning the business. 
If approved,after that vigorous but very essential evaluation process, the question at hand will be 'how to repay?'.Dont worry though becasuse this financier will be knowing you better.You will pay instalments only when you'll start earning profit.In some cases,Grofin takes some share of the established business only if every party is comfortable with that partnership.
Are you ready to give it a try? I hope you want to apply now or sometime later.Sorry but currently, there is no online application provisions.Kenyans must apply to or contact Grofin kenyan offices through the following contacts ;
GroFin Kenya
General manager;
Rishi Khubchandani.
General manager e-Mail
address is;
Telephone number ;
+254 20 273 0280 / +254 72 425
7020 / +254 73 599 3499
Physical address ;
2nd Floor CVS Plaza,
Kasuku Road,
off Lenana Road,
Postal address ;
P.O Box 19447-00202,
I wish you success.

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