Forget about your financial credibility, get a Mobi loan from Mkopo Org with only your trustworthiness as collateral!

The first in the lending business in kenya! You can now get a mobi loan just by showing trustworthiness.Mkopo Org,an online financier is giving out loans to individuals through their mobile phones as Mpesa within only 48hrs after approval.Still wondering? You might be the next approved borrower but first, let me take you through the whole loan package.
The application is done online through a mobile
phone internet or a computer. Its a personal loan for settling down your own emergencies including but not limited to paying rent arrears ,clearing school fees ,funding for a family holiday trip and financing ther purchase of stock for your business.Due to the risky nature of the loan facility to the side of the lender,Mkopo Org gives a maximum of ksh10000.
Now it's time to apply for the loan.First decide on the amount you wish to borrow. Through the online loan calculator, insert the period you wish to repay.The total amount to be repayed will be displayed,if happy the proceed.
Pay the registration fee of ksh100(paid through Mpesa paybill number 522522 or account number 1153422697) .This fee will be for KRA PIN search and ID verification.This will be refunded only to applicants who will submit applications late.Applicants who gave wrong information will never be refunded.
.One not listed as a defaulter by the Credit Beaureu of Kenya.
.must be over 18 years.
.Posses a valid national ID card.
.having atleast a 3 months old active account.
.a valid KRA PIN certificate.
.Registration fee of ksh100.
.postal address.
.Know your dependants.
Other details needed to fill the application form are always at your reach.
When you get approved, it will now be your turn to prove your trustworthiness by repaying the loan.Repayment will be done through the following numbers ;
Mpesa paybill number 522522 or account number 1153422697.
Convinced? Now you can apply.

UPDATE;16th April,2015
The Mkopo Org website is currently not functioning normally due to some issues we are yet to confirm with them.Once confirmed we will be back to you.

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