6 Best Online,Mobile Loan Apps in Egypt

We have online and mobile loan app loans in Egypt just like any other country embracing fintech in world. In this article I will be listing the best top mobile loan app and digital online loans in the country.

6 Best loan apps and online micro lenders 

In Egypt, these are the neo banks, loan apps and online micro lending companies considered the best in service delivery; 

1. Kashat loan app 

It's the most popular loan app in Egypt. Kashat loan app is a fully digital short term loan provider giving out loans to borrowers with Smartphones.

You can download kashat loan app from Google play store or from trusted online APK file sources and create your account before applying for the loans.

2. Cassbana 

This is by the community and for the community AI tech implementating lender which have been providing loans to borrowers who have been unbanked and underhanded. 
Cassbana loan app logo
Cassbana app logo

You can download cassbana loan app from Google play store or from Apple app store or from trusted online APK file sources to begin using the service.

Cassbana office location: 40 Street 218, Maadi as Sarayat Al Gharbeyah, Maadi, Cairo Governorate 4213050, Egypt

3. CIB 

Commercial International Bank (CIB) is one of the private banks interested in using tech to provide digital loans to borrowers in Egypt. 

4. MNT-Halan

Targeting unbanked and underbanked, MNT-Halan is a digital bank which helps encourage the use of electronic Egypt money (Egyptian pound). 

5. MaXAB 

In addition to providing digital loans finance, MaXAB has also changed the way the Egyptian online market works. 

6. MoneyHash

MoneyHash is a payment integration solution which helps customers get all major payment methods under one roof which in return helps harness a large customer base online. 

It is therefore not a loan app but a good financial solution for the digital age in Egypt.

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