Watu Credit Loan App Download

Watu Credit loan app is a mobile money lending platform which provides fast and affordable loans to clients servicing a device loan.

It is the same app used by watu simu clients to make installment payments for their phone devices.

Watu Credit is also an Asset finance company providing boda boda loans.

Watu Credit Loans - Interest Rates, Loan Limits

Now known as Watu Africa, loans from Watu Credit depend on the customer's ability to repay the loan upon approval. 

The lender provide a variety of loan types including; logbook loans, smartphone device loans (watu simu loans) ,boda boda loans (motorbike loans) among others.

Watu Credit loan interest rate is low.

Watu Africa Limited Logo
Watu Africa Logo 

Watu Credit Loan App Download 

A customer can download watu credit loan app from Google play store and create his or her account.
Watu Credit App Screenshot

With the app ,the client will be able to service his own her loans for example boda boda loan ,watu simu loan or cash loan.

Who Qualifies for Watu Credit Loans 

The watu boda boda and simu loans are available to anyone above the age of 18 years with a national identity card.

A customer must provide the required deposit amount, walk away with the motorbike or smartphone and pay the rest in installments - daily, weekly or monthly.

To qualify for watu cash loans, you must be an existing customer who have paid more than half of your existing boda loan or simu loan.

The approved watu cash loan is directly deposited into the customer's M-Pesa account.

Pay Watu Credit loans 

Payment for watu credit loans is done via Watu Credit M-PESA paybill number or via watu credit loan app.

To get further information, read this article: Watu Africa Limited 

Watu Credit Loan App Conclusion 

Watu Credit has an app which helps customers service their asset finance loans and eventually unlock watu cash loans.

The app is available on Google play store where customers can search and download for making payments conveniently.

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