Bridge Loans In Kenya

Bridge loans refers to loan facilities given to borrowers before another intended loan facility is released by the lender. 

In many cases, bridge loan is just a small amount but can go up to 75% the intended loan amount. In very rare cases however, bridge loan can be 100% of the intended loan amount.

A perfect example of a bridge loan happens when one is selling a property ( house) and needs the some money urgently,he can ask a lender to provide the emergency loan then pay after the property is sold.

Lenders Providing Bridge Loans In Kenya 

Farida Investment Bank Logo
Faida Investment Bank Logo

In Kenya bridge loans are popular with investment and commercial banks. Some of the Commercial Bans include; 
  • KCB
  • Equity Bank
  • Cooperative Bank of Kenya
  • Diamond Trust Bank 
  • Absa Bank Kenya
  • Family Bank of Kenya
  • National Bank of Kenya
  • Access Bank Kenya
  • NCBA Bank 
  • Standard Chartered Bank of Kenya
  • Standard Bank of Kenya 
  • I&M Bank 
  • Prime Bank
  • Citi Bank 
  • ABC Bank 
  • Kingdom Bank 
Some of the Investment Banks include; 
  • Standard Investment Bank
  • Faida Investment Bank
  • Genghis Capital LTD
  • Dyer & Blair Investment Bank
  • African Alliance Investment Bank

Bridge loan customers

Who is the perfect bridge loan customer? Who can take a bridge loan in Kenya?

The perfect customers for bridge loans are the people in real estate business. However, anyone can ask for a bridge loan from his or her lender.

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