Zaza loans - How to create your account and apply for loans

Zaza loans is a loan facility available to borrowers who are members of the Zaza Investment company. 

In addition to loans Zaza, which trade as Zaza Financial Services is an investment company, which is in fact the primary goal of the company.

The loans are available to individuals,micro and macro enterprises in zaza countries of operation which include; Kenya, Zambia,Belarus, Canada,Brazil, Peru, Nepal,Macau, Uganda,Romania, Czech Republic, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Singapore and Paraguay.

In Africa, Zaza is Avery popular in Zambia than in any other African countries. The Zambia office is found in Lusaka.
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Zaza loans - Loan Limits, Interest Rates

Loans are divided into three groups which include; 

Upper loans : Ranges from $5000 to $20,000 at 1% per installment at maximum of 130 instalments paid in 90 days intervals

Medium loans: Ranges from $200 to $1000 at 1% per installment at 150 maximum instalments paid in 45 days intervals 

Low loans: Ranges from $10 to $100 at 1% per 30 days for a total of 140 payment intervals. 

How to Create Account and Apply for Loans

You can create your account by visiting after which you'll be able join the investment movement. 

Members who are investing through Zaza then will be able to apply for zaza online loans from the website.

Pay Zaza loans

Payment is done in intervals of 30,45 and 90;days depending on the loan amount taken. Borrowers pay as directed from the Zaza account online.

Is Zaza financial services legit? 

Yes, the company is legit with operations in various countries in the whole world.

Zaza customer care contacts 

Here are zaza mobile phone numbers and WhatsApp number 
Whatsapp: +12894981447 

Zaza Headquarters: 88 Middleton Way Brampton, ON, L6S 4B2 Canada

Plot No. 49-0, Ontario Tower, Suite 1101, Business Bay



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