Why Hustlers Fund Loan Limit is Zero 0

My Hustler fund loan limit is zero (0) ,why ? It's a shocking incident to have a zero huslers fund loan limit but it's actually happening already. 

I have already received comments from my blog readers complaining of being awarded a nil hustler loan limit. 

For example here is one of the comments; 

Am registered at first I received a text my limit is 1000 when I try applying now my limit is 0 what might be the problem

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Why your Hustler Fund loan limit is zero 

Shocking but it is the truth. Not everyone can be qualified to get a loan from Hustler Fund. 

Being a government project, it pains to find out you can't benefit as a citizen when others are getting loans. 

For many of lenders, it is easy to know why your loan limit is zero for example; 

  • If you're CRB blacklisted
  • Have no guarantors
  • Have no collateral
  • Not employed
In the case of Hustle Fund none of the above is considered. The government insisted anyone above the age of 18 years is eligible.

Why is zero limit being awarded to hfund loan applicants? Sincerely I also have no idea, but just to make some guesses.

Reasons why your hfund loan limit is zero;
  • Technical hitches
  • Low funds
  • SIM card used within less than three months (confirmed reason)
Some people don't even go past the Hustler Fund registration process which is obviously because of some technical problems on the systems side.



  1. Hi have been taking hustler fund for long and repying on time why is it zero limit?

  2. Hi Albert kosgei 0794652615 nilikua na limit ya 500 then nimekua na lipa on time but ilifika time limit ikawa zero

    1. I guess it's because wanaona ni kama most people hawatalipa so ukichukuwa na ulipe,,, inaisha hivo,,, I experience the same problem with you.

    2. Limit Angus zero

  3. My limit is zero why and I have repay the loan


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