Hustler Fund Logo

In this article I will show you the hustler fund logo, which actually seem to have the Kenyan flag and a mobile phone device in it.

But first, before seeing the hfund logo, I'll give a small introduction to what hustlers fund loans mean and who can benefit.

As said earlier,this is just a brief description. You can check the complete hustler fund article or huster fund app, or the steps to get hustlers fund loans.

What's Hustler Fund

It's a mobile money lending project by the Kenyan government to support the poor with the much needed financing to elevate their lifestyles.

Hustlers fund provide both loans and savings services with lots of rewards to beneficiaries.

For example if you save sh. 6,000 per year, Hustler Fund will add sh 3,000 to your savings as a reward for your hard work. Imagine that! 

Hustlers Fund Logo

Also known as hfund logo, it comprises of five colours - black, red, green,blue and white. These colours represent the Kenyan flag except blue which most probably is for blue collar job workers popularly known as hustlers in Kenya.

Here is the Hustler Fund Loans Logo
Hustlers Fund logo
Hustler Fund Logo

It looks beautiful to me. What do you think? The slogan also sounds encouraging - Jiinue, Jiendeleze ( Uplift yourself,Grow)

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