Bree Loans Canada

 Bree loans or Try Bree loans is a Canadian community supported lending platform which gives interest tree loans to borrowers.

Try Bree Loans - Interest Rates, Loan Limits

Loans from Bree do not attract any interest, you only tip to keep the community going. 

Bree provide loans up to $100 as an early payroll loan with no charges attached.

How to apply for Bree loans 

You get loans after creating a Bree account on the TryBree website. Currently Bree doesn't have any app available for download. 

Try Bree logo

Loans like Bree 

Bree loan alternative is Nyble loan. Both provide Canadians interest free overdraft loans.

Is Try Bree Loans Legit 


The lender is a well known company working with other lenders as a community in Canada.

Bree customer care contacts 

You can get help from within the Bree website or app or simply send an email to:


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