Youth Empowerment Loan App APK Download

Youth empowerment loan app should be a fast and affordable mobile money lending platform which provides access to loans for the youths in Kenya. 
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Youth Empowerment Fund Loans 

These are loans provided by the government of Kenya through Youth Enterprise Development Fund (YEDF).

The loans are a sustainable and growing fund meant to help your in the country to create wealth for themselves.

Youth Empowerment Loan App 

There's no youth empowerment loan app at the moment. YEDF is currently not running any app. Loans are available when one visits any of the nearest youth fund branch in their respective constituencies.

How to pay youth fund loans 

After successful application and loan disbursal,the borrower will be furnished with the loan repayment details. This  will hugely depend on the type of loan and amount borrowed.



  1. Please I have just applied for a loan of 5700 and it seems to be delaying in receiving the money kindly may I know if I will still get it


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