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TiFi Slice Loan App is a mobile money lending platform which provides fast and secure personal loans to borrowers in Kenya via M-Pesa.

TiFi Slice Loans - Interest Rates, Loan Limits 

The lender give loan amounts ranging from ksh3,000 to a maximum of ksh100,000 disbursed instantly to the borrower's M-PESA account. 

TiFi Slice charges an interest of 12% to 50% APR per year. 

Tifi Slice Loan App Download 

To get tifi loans, kindly Download TiFi Slice Loan App from Google play store and create your account. 

Pay TiFi Slice loans 

Borrowers pay from within the app without using TiFi Slice M-PESA paybill number when loan repayment is due. 

How do I send mpesa to tifislice? You can simply pay via M-Pesa Xpress within the app.

Usually TiFi Slice loan repayment duration is from 91 days to 365 days.

Tifi Slice USSD Code

There's no tifi ussd code at the moment.

TiFi Slice Loan App Customer care Contacts 

There are no tifi slice mobile phone numbers at the moment. Use the contact below - tifi Slice email address; 



  1. Yes I will pay on time

  2. No transparency,hidden charges

  3. Am not repaying my loan. These will be my first default. How is 50% APR P.A turns to 63% . Am ready for legal action. You're Just con men exploiting unsuspecting and desperate Kenyans.

  4. It's really funny how these guys are behaving. Imagine having payed my loan but they have kept on sending me messages which border on threats . It's about time we exposed this cons for who they are

    1. Tifislice are are exploiting borrowers.Is charging 63% competative rate? How do you lend 6000 and one pays 10168 in i month? That for every 1600 interst is 1019 in 7 day! How ?

  5. I am facing same problem we need protection from threats by TIFi slice it is not listed on the apps which one can send complaints about. Who do they partner with? I paid all But they keek calling and threatning

  6. Tifislice have useless employee what they know most is to insults clients after stealing from them. Alot of Hiden charges, which institution lend people money with 50% interest what do you take us for? Am not paying any other money take me to court if you like nkt.

  7. This is the worst application for real cons. You borrow cash you pay double the amount. I'll report this application to central bank of Kenya and to the ant corruption unit. It's a conning syndicate.

  8. Worst application thieves. Stop threatening people

  9. I'll like to be one of those people who have been become members of the tifi farm

  10. This one belongs to con
    Will never take any loan with them whatever you benefitted to me eat

  11. These are conmen of the highest Calibre. They're lying that their internet is 15percent, but they end up charging up to more than 80 percent. When you ask them no one is willing or knows how to explain it. But their days are numbered, have filed a serious complain on them... you'll here from them soon.

  12. This is not even a business. It is the exploitation of the highest order. I borrowed kes 4800 and the expected me to pay a total of kes 8836 in one month. I refuse to pay that amount and I'm ready for any legal action. These people should be reported to the CBK.


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