The 3 Credit Bureaus In Nigeria 🇳🇬 And Contacts

The Federal Republic of Nigeria through the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) licensed 3 Credit Bureaus.

The lenders are allowed to submit a borrower's information to atleast two of these 3 Credit Bureaus.

What is a Credit Bureau Company In Nigeria 

Credit Bureau is a company approved and licensed by he Central Bank of Nigeria to collect, store and disseminate information about borrowers to the lenders whenever needed. 

A good borrower will have his or her good borrowing information stored by the credit Bureaus same as a bad borrower. 

The Bureaus also give scores to the borrowers from the information submit by the various lenders. This score is known as the Credit Score. A high Credit Score means you're a good borrower while a low Credit score means you're a bad borrower. 

Which are the National Licensed Credit Bureaus In Nigeria 

The CBN licensed CRC Credit Bureau, FirstCentral Credit Bureau and CR Credit Bureau.

Any borrower in the country can access his or her credit information from these three licensed Credit Reference Bureaus including, Credit Scores, Credit History, Clearance Certificate and even know who blacklisted them.

The Credit Bureaus have came together in 2012 to for the Credit Bureaus Association of Nigeria (CBAN) a move that helped in achieving uniformity in the way information can be retrieved from the Credit Bureaus.

How To Contact Credit Bureaus in Nigeria 

1. CRC Credit Bureau Contacts and Phone Numbers 

CRC Credit Bureau Nigeria

2. FirstCentral Credit Bureau  Contacts and Phone numbers 

First Central Credit Bureau Nigeria

Head Office
37A, Raymond Njoku Street, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria. Telephone: + 234 817 837 7643
Abuja Office:
No 1 Rima Street, Maitama, Abuja, Nigeria. Telephone: + 234 909 114 1981
Email Address:

3. CR Credit Bureau Contacts and phone numbers 

This is Credit Registry (CR) Credit Bureau. 
CR Credit Bureau Nigeria

  • CR Office Location;
  •  13c, Eko Pearl Towers A, Eko Atlantic City, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Call phone number ; 
  • +234 (1) 454 8700, 0700-CREDITBUREAU
  • Email to ; 

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