Kenya Suspends Fuliza Loans Temporarily

Fuliza Mpesa

The Kenyan government have entered into an agreement with Safaricom to suspend Fuliza Loan direct deductions temporarily.

This was as a result of some of the complaints brought on the table by some of the youths who are beneficiaries of the government initiative Kazi  Mtaani who missed Salary payments.

Fuliza have been deducting salaries sent to the youths via Mpesa by the government rendering the youths penniless even after working under the prevailing hardship created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the agreement between the government and Safaricom in place, youths have 48 hours (2 days) to receive and withdraw their cash. After the 48 hours, Safaricom will lawfully continue with deductions for those having Fuliza loans.

The Permanent Secretary (PS) for State Department of ICT and Innovation Jerome Ochieng revealed this government move Wednesday after making a visit to ICT projects in Siaya County.

Before you cry of non-payment, please ensure that you do not have a Fuliza debt as the company will automatically deduct the money after the 48-hour waiver period elapses,” he said.
 Kazi Mtaani have benefited a total of 283,000 youths across the country.



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