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How To Get Your Storo Bonus Faster than Usual

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 It is possible to get your storo bonus faster than you think. Safaricom itself has shared the trick to help customers make the maximum use of the storo ibambe programme.

As a Safaricom subscriber, you can register to join storo ibambe programme by dialling *460#.

After registration, Safaricom will give you a storo limit. Each time you spend airtime worth the limit given, Safaricom will give you 100 % bonus, that is an amount equivalent to your storo bonus limit.

The good thing with storo bonus is you can call any local numbers for free till the bonus gets depleted.

Safaricom has shared how you can get your storo bonus faster than others. Instead of talking till you hit your storo bonus limit,  there's a shortcut!

You can simply buy an all in one package worth your storo bonus limit by dialling *544*2*Amount #.

By doing this, Safaricom will give you a storo bonus right away and add 50% airtime bonus on top of the storo bonus.

Here is the message from Safaricom explaining how you can get your storo bonus faster;


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