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Chipper Cash shares warning on being a Lender

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Chipper Cash app

Is Chipper Cash a lender? This is what most people have been asking after Chipper became one of the most popular mobile money apps in Africa with over 1 million users.

Due to its popularity, fraudsters have started to come up with fraudulent ways to still from innocent people who love Chipper Cash.

And to stop this Chipper has issued a warning to all people to be careful. Further Chipper has clarified not being a lender, the name most fraudsters claim the company to be.

As a Chipper Cash user, here is the message  I received from the company;
Chipper doesn't run any loan services. Any message you receive about Chipper Loan services is a scam. 

Chipper Cash a free,secure and convenient money transfer service in Africa. The service is accessible over a mobile app. You can send and receive money instantly when you join Chipper Cash.

Currently Chipper Cash services are available in Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda ,Ghana and South Africa.

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