Why Kenyans got Mad at Tala

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Tala posted an article about Wilfred, a beneficiary of Tala Rebuild Fund, a new loan facility from the lender.

According to the lender, Wilfred was and is still making an impact in his community by providing handwashing services, a business he came up with after COVID-19 struck hard at his former business.

When the post went live on facebook, Kenyans started writing their comments. There were positive comments too but most of Kenyans sounded mad at the lender.

Some individuals complained about high interest rate on the loans they received from Tala and the loans were small in amount.

Other people complained about making early loan repayments expecting to get loans instantly but Tala denied them.

A few of the individuals commented about how Tala customer care was calling them continuously asking for loan repayments as if there's no Coronavirus.

Tala, a founding member of the Digital Lenders Association of Kenya (DLAK) have been among the favourites for Kenyans when it comes to borrowing loans.

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