Tala advice to Kenyan Business Owners

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Tala has decided to give Kenyan business owners some tips on how to they should go back to business under the new normal caused by COVID-19.

The digital lender noticed that, most of the rules placed to cut the curve are slowly being lifted and it's time to prepare and reopen our businesses.

But before you do reopen your business, here are some of the new changes to put in place;

■ Use a non Contact Thermometer to take your employees and customers temperature.  Customers with abnormally high temperatures shouldn't be allowed in.

■Install handwashing station at the entry into your business premises or place a sanitizer. Ensure all employees and customers wash their hands and or sanitize.

■At your business premises, social distancing is key. It is therefore important to come up with a way to enforce this naturally if possible for example you can space the seats or mark the right places.

■Let your employees wear masks. If you're around, wear a face mask too. Tell your customers to wear masks also.

Tala is not currently giving loans like before apart from the Rebuild Fund. If you have something left after all the days of self quarantine and staying at home, you can go ahead and try reopen your business and follow the rules as required to keep safe.


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