Tuesday, May 26, 2020

KashWay, iPesa to cushion borrowers with repayment coupons

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KashWay, iPesa loan apps

KashWay and iPesa loan apps are giving repayment coupons to borrowers making repayments this month as a way of lessening their loan burden this COVID-19 pandemic.

While Tala, Okolea and Okash have chosen to restructure loans, these two have chosen to reduce the loan amounts to be repaid by their customers.

The two loan apps are among the many digital mobile money lenders in Kenya which provide quick loans through M-Pesa.

With the KashWay or iPesa coupon, a customer can get a reduction of up to 51 per cent of the loan amount to be repaid only if the repayment is done from within the app.

How to use KashWay, iPesa coupon 

Hera are the steps to get the loan repayment coupon from these two digital lenders;

  1. Go to play store and update KashWay or iPesa app
  2. Log in to receive your coupon 
  3. Make online full repayment to use the coupon. 


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