How To Avoid Exposing Card PIN At POS or ATM

It's always easy to expose your Credit or Debit card Personal Identification Number (PIN) while making payments at a Point Of Sale (POS) or making a transaction at an ATM machine.

It's always a recommended move walking around with an ATM card as opposed to cash. In case of anything, you can replace your ATM card but you can't replace your lost cash.

In this digital era, cards are accepted almost everywhere you want to do shopping. Retailers have POS machines. Bank agents also do. Most POS machines will ask for your ATM PIN before completing any transaction. Just Don't Expose your PIN.

Don't trust anyone with your PIN. When the agent or cashier asks you to enter you PIN, make sure you shield the keypad as you type your PIN . Use one palm to shield the keypad and the other to key in the PIN as shown in the picture below;

Ecobank Kenya
Photo Credit; Ecobank Kenya 

When you visit an ATM machine, don't forget to shield the ATM keypad too with one hand and type your PIN with the other. You can also use your body to block the people behind you if there's a queue and you're working on a touch-screen ATM.


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