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I-Save Mobile App - Loans, Paybill, Contacts

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I save mobile loans Kenya

I-Save mobile loan app gives quick credit solutions through mpesa to android smartphone users in Kenya.

I-Save Loans

This micro lender will give loans as per your loan limit. Loans can be repaid within a minimum of 2 months and a maximum of 6 months.

There's a registration fee of kes 250 non refundable. If you're comfortable with this, you can go ahead and try by downloading I-save mobile loan app from play store. 

I-Save Mobile Contacts 

You can contact phone number 0738301345 for assistance and clarifications.
Email to ; info@isavemobile.co.ke

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  1. Stop conning desperate Kenyans like me. I have given you 250/- then you give a loan limit of 150/- Does this make sense if not highest level of connmanship. Then the app does not open