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How To Easily Increase Eazzy Loan Limit

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Equity Bank Kenya

Eazzy loan is available to Equity Bank customers with six months or more active bank accounts.

Equity gives a minimum of kes100 as Eazzy loan .The maximum loan limit is dependent on your bank account situation. A good standing account will attract a bigger loan limit while a poor standing account will get a small or even zero loan limit.

We all need big loans because we normally want to do bigger things in life.For that reason, I'll share how one can Increase his/her Eazzy loan limit to big loans.

How To Easily Increase Eazzy Loan Limit 

First, as I said earlier, you must have a bank account with Equity Bank. Then check these hacks to get that big loan;

  • Transact regularly with your Equity Bank account 
  • Save more and more 
  • If you have a salary, channel it through your Equity bank account 
  • If eligible for Eazzy loan, take it never leave it stay idle.
  • Repay your Eazzy loans early .
Try these easy steps to easily get your Eazzy loan limit raised. 


Mwabaya Katana

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