4 Tips To Increase NCBA Loop Loan Limit

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NCBA Loop formerly CBA Loop is a fully fledged digital bank that can be accessed through mobile apps (both Android &iOS ) or web.

Loop also gives loans apart from allowing users to pay for bills or send money. But what can a looper do to have bigger loans?

How to Increase Loop Loan Limit 

If you need higher loan limits, as a loop user you can do the following and with time your loan limit will grow big;

  • Receive payments through your loop account; it can be a salary, payment for goods or services or any other.
  • Pay your bills through loop account; you can use the app or credit card. 
  • Generally, make loop your primary active account. 
  • Keep your credit ratings high.

Contact NCBA Loop 

Call ; 0709714444

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